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The power of anonymity is great!

15 Dec

The last post on IfYouTickleUs is really something. It tells of an upcoming demonstration outside DC on Sunday night, “Zos Chanukah” [sic]. Not that the paper is worthy of a second glance but it is clearly written by an immature hateful person without much clue about how things work in the frum community. This isnt the first mention of such a thing on that blog. An earlier commenter on the afore mentioned there has said that there will be two demos, one for and one against. Attended by Rabbonim, Police and the CST, it is supposed to be very organised.

So I took the time to find out a bit of information for myself. But after confirming with Rabbonim [from both sides] and the police that no demo has been officially planned, I probed a little further. It appears that all this demo talk originates from a single source that is seeking to create mayhem in Golders Green. There is no march planned, and there will not be one because marches are not the Torah way. Whichever side we are on, we follow the Rabbonim of our side. We do not follow the plans of one Apikores.

After much inquiring, cajoling and threatening people in the know, I am fairly sure that I know who the instigator is. If it is the person whom I think it is, I have managed to get hold of a photo of him as well. I am in the process of asking a Shailah whether it is permitted to reveal the name, as I am in finding out whether it is legal. If the instigator continues, and it is permitted for me to reveal the details, I will post a new post with his full details.

If the demonstration goes ahead a separate blog post will be dedicated tomorrow night to displaying the individually cut out photos of each and every person who demonstrates tomorrow night. Helpful comments identifying the people will be welcome.

I cannot guarantee that my posts will be published. They will only happen after I get an approval from my present Daas Torah, and after I fully understand that the legal side is permitted.


Woe is to us that have we fallen so low!

30 Nov

I do not know how to start writing an article like this so I’l just jump straight in. Once again, although I have no idea of the facts, this article is written for those who believe that Reb Chaim is guilty. Not because that is what I feel, but because even if the allegations are true, what is happening can’t go on.

Woe  is to us that  have we fallen so low!

  • How can it be that a Rabbi who served his Kehilla faithfully for tens of years should have to suffer such abuse regardless of what else he has done!
  • How can it be that the Rabbonim who at least some of them are fighting Leshem Shomayim have been referred to by nicknames.
  • How can it be that when hearing such terrible tidings as we all have heard that people rejoice in the downfall of someone who did a thousand more times good than bad.
  • How can it be that there is a spirit to ruin his life as much as possible after all the good he has done for the community.
  • How can it be that no one is complaining of the massive loss for the community?
  • Where are the tears that should be streaming down your faces, you rebellious ones. Do you think you will escape retribution from God for it? Do you really think you are not going to suffer for every slanderous comment that you have posted on blog sites?


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Take an unbiased view on Rabbi Chaim Halpern!

23 Nov

This article is not aimed at everyone. It is not aimed at self-hating Charedim who are looking to disgrace the Charedi name. It is solely meant for people who have collected a lot of information about the allegations against our Rov, and would like to make their own logical conclusions.  Whether our Rov is guilty or innocent  is not for this article. I personally believe that this story has no truth and is a libel against our succesful Rov. Hopefully his innocence will be proven soon and all will know that this is a big mistake. But for the rest of this article, regardless of the facts, let us assume the allegations are true and that our Rov has sinned and see what the next step would be. I believe this is important for those who unfortunately do not believe in our Rov anymore!

Disclaimer: These points are all based on Gemara’s, if you feel the Gemara is out of touch from reality and we live in a new world, then this is not for you. But if you believe every word Chazal said is true, then read on!

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